Strengthening the role of Brazil in international spaces for a global agenda for the Human Right to Food and the eradication of hunger. Oxfam International support. 2014-2015.

The overall objective of the project is to develop analytical documents and scholarly articles, and promote debates on South-South international cooperation developed by Brazil in the field of eradicating hunger and promoting food sovereignty and security and nutrition. Its products and activities also aim to contribute to the construction of joint action agendas between Brazilian and foreign stakeholders with a view to social participation in public policies in this field. Therefore, this work plan can be used as basis for studies and research, promoting debates in Brazil and abroad, visits to countries in Africa and Latin America and other initiatives for the articulation of social actors involved in Brazil and abroad. Project activities are organized into three main lines of work and interrelated, namely: general 1.Regarding the Brazilian South-South cooperation in the field of FNSS and HRF; Brazilian 2.Cooperation with Africa, particularly the countries of the CPLP; 3. exchange of experiences and perspectives of bilateral cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean.