The  Reference Center on Food and Nutrition Sovereingty and Security (CERESAN) is a center for research and training that aims to brings together researchers and students from national and foreign institutions, with experience in different areas of knowledge that are engaged in the issues of Food and Nutrition Sovereignty and Security (FNSS) and the Human Right to Adequate Food and Health (HRAF) in Brazil and in an international level.

Created in January 2003, it has offices in the Post-Graduate Social Sciences in Development, Agriculture and Society, Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (CPDA / UFRRJ) and the School of Nutrition of the Federal Fluminense University (UFF) . The Centre is coordinated by Prof. Renato S. Maluf (UFRRJ) and Luciene Burlandy (UFF).

CERESAN is affiliated with the Brazilian Forum on Food and Nutrition Sovereingty and Security, provides subsides to the Brasilian National Council in Food and Nutrition Security (CONSEA), and is a member of CONSEA-Rio de Janeiro.