What we understand as Food and Nutrition Sovereignty and Security

Food sovereignty is “[…] the right of peoples to define their own sustainable policies and strategies of production, distribution and consumption of food that guarantee the right to food for all people, based on small and medium production, respecting their own cultures and the diversity of peasant ways, fishing and indigenous agricultural production, marketing and management of rural areas, in which women play a key role […]. Food sovereignty is the way to eradicate hunger and malnutrition and guarantee lasting and sustainable food security for all peoples. “(World Forum on Food Sovereignty, Havana, 2001).

Food and nutrition security is the realization of the right of all to regular and permanent access to quality food in sufficient quantity, without compromising access to other essential needs, based on food practices that promote health, respect, cultural diversity and that are environmentally, culturally, economically and socially sustainable. (II National Basilian FNSS Conference 2004; LOSAN, 2006)